Recovery Coaches Alberta

The goal of the Recovery Coaches Program is to meet participants where they are at in their recovery process – assisting people in their recovery journey pre and post-treatment by bridging individuals back to their community and to health natural support systems. Recovery Coaches will help individuals to create a plan and provide a supportive web that may include finding a sponsor, identifying treatment options and supporting the process, and connecting people to local recovery meetings and events. Additional supports include: identifying mental health supports and medical services and providing referrals to community partners to help with housing, employment search, and training. Recovery Coaches bring their unique experience into action and know the struggles, successes, joy, hope, and challenges of the recovery process. Recovery Coaches will utilize their personal experiences to be guides to services, modeling recovery and actively demonstrating that long-term recovery is an attainable outcome.

For more information about becoming a Recovery Coach, please email , or contact by phone at 587-319-2648 or 877-381-5648.