Press Releases - 2020

New substance use data will support addiction recovery - December 18, 2020
Addictions Awareness Week: Associate Minister Luan - November 23, 2020
Removing financial barriers to addiction treatment - November 6, 2020
Suicide prevention supports in Medicine Hat - October 28, 2020
New, supportive homes for Edmontonians in need - September 28, 2020
Opioid surveillance report: Associate Minister Luan - September 23, 2020
Recovery Month: Supporting addiction recovery - September 3, 2020
International Overdose Awareness Day: Associate Minister Luan - August 31, 2020
Supporting recovery and combatting drugs in Medicine Hat - August 18, 2020
Alberta to provide additional COVID-19 homelessness supports - August 5, 2020
Investing in addiction recovery in southern Alberta - July 25, 2020
Building a recovery community in Red Deer - July 18, 2020
Expanding access to opioid treatment - June 22, 2020
Supporting recovery and combatting drugs in Red Deer - June 11, 2020
PTSD Awareness Month: Associate Minister Luan - June 1, 2020
Expanded mental health supports for Albertans - May 30, 2020
More health services for Albertans - May 22, 2020
Task force to help protect vulnerable Albertans - May 19, 2020
More health services for Albertans - May 22, 2020
Sexual Violence Awareness Month: Minister Nicolaides - May 14, 2020
Prioritizing funding for front-line non-profits - May 12, 2020
More mental health support for northern Albertans - May 11, 2020
Mental Health Week: Associate Minister Luan - May 4, 2020
Increasing mental health supports in response to COVID-19 - April 15, 2020
Expanding pandemic patient capacity in Calgary - April 9, 2020
Supporting homeless Albertans affected by COVID-19 - March 23, 2020
New app helps Albertans access health care - March 19, 2020
Impact of supervised consumption sites report released - March 5, 2020
Supporting recovery and combatting drugs in Lethbridge - March 2, 2020
Expanding Calgary ER and mental health units - February 19, 2020
New, improved men’s homeless shelter for Edmonton - February 14, 2020
Children’s Mental Health Week: Premier Kenney - February 3, 2020
Historic investment in addiction treatment spaces - February 1, 2020
New chair for Health Quality Council - January 22, 2020
Mental health supports: Associate Minister Luan - January 17, 2020

Press Releases - 2018 - 2019

Mental health and addiction council appointed - November 4, 2019
Addiction treatment providers must now be licensed - November 1, 2019
Where to turn when dealing with family violence - November 1, 2019
Protecting patients in addiction treatment - October 22, 2019
Mental Health Day: Statement from Minister Luan - October 10, 2019
A safe place for Calgary women escaping poverty - September 28, 2019
Expanding access to treatment and recovery - New support for treatment and recovery will give Albertans greater access to publicly funded addiction spaces - September 11, 2019
Safe, stable homes for Calgarians - September 6, 2019
Expert panel to review supervised consumption sites - August 19, 2019
Alberta Health Services review: Minister Shandro - August 8, 2019
New affordable housing opens for Edmonton families - June 26, 2019
Supporting mental health and addiction recovery - June 21, 2019
New affordable homes for Calgarians - June 21, 2019
Supporting affordable housing in Stony Plain - March 15, 2019
New Red Deer homeless shelter - March 14, 2019
New centre to support children's mental health - February 11, 2019
New Chief Medical Officer of Health - February 1, 2019
Supporting Albertans throughout the holidays - December 12, 2018
Taking action on opioids crisis in Lethbridge - December 7, 2018
Treatment options opening on Blood Tribe - December 6, 2018
New legal supports for sexual violence survivors - December 5, 2018
Protecting Albertans through mental health support - November 27, 2018
Albertans honoured for preventing violence - November 23, 2018
Supporting children’s mental health in Calgary - November 15, 2018
World Mental Health Day: Premier Notley - October 10, 2018
New 24/7 mental health clinic for Edmonton - October 4, 2018
Provincial support eliminates CUPS wait list - September 21, 2018
Overdose Awareness Day: Minister Hoffman statement - August 31, 2018
New opioid crisis supports for Indigenous people - August 29, 2018
Peace River opioid campaign gets provincial help - August 23, 2018
More mental health services for Calgary families - July 27, 2018
New opioid treatment clinics in northern Alberta - June 11, 2018
Expanding mental health supports in schools - May 7, 2018
Alberta communities tackling opioid crisis - April 5, 2018
New federal opioid funding will help save lives - March 10, 2018
Overdose prevention site opens on Blood Tribe - March 9, 2018
Province expands naloxone program, adds treatment spaces - February 7, 2018
New children’s mental health supports - January 29, 2018

Press Releases - 2014 - 2017

Provincial support improves opioid treatment - Dec 19, 2017
Opioid services improved for South Asian community - Dec 8, 2017
Sherwood Park gets new opioid treatment clinic - Nov 15, 2017
Calgary supervised consumption site approved - Oct 27, 2017
Supervised consumption sites approved in Alberta - Oct 18, 2017
Expanded opioid treatment helps more Albertans - Oct 6, 2017
International Overdose Awareness Day: Statement from Associate Health Minister - Sept 9, 2017
Preventing FASD in Alberta - Aug 31, 2017
Support for life-saving opioid program - Aug 16, 2017
Improving post-secondary students’ mental health - June 20, 2017
Supervised consumption services consultation begins - June 14, 2017
Helping Calgary’s homeless get the right support - June 8, 2017
New mental health, substance use beds at Royal Alex - June 6, 2017
New commission to guide opioid emergency response - May 31, 2017
Calgary housing for Albertans overcoming addiction - March 27, 2017
New Federal opioid funding will help save lives - March 10, 2017
Beds to help youth with addictions in Red Deer - Feb 21, 2017
Province expands naloxone program, adds treatment spaces - Feb 7, 2017
Statement from Alberta ministers on federal response to opioid crisis - Dec 12, 2016
Toxic opioid carfentanil linked to 15 deaths - Dec 5, 2016
Province bolsters opioid action plan to save lives - Oct 27, 2016
Statement from ministers on detection of carfentanil - Oct 7, 2016
Supporting healthy pregnancies: We all have a role to play - Sept 9, 2016
Province improves and expands access to naloxone, opioid treatment and counselling - May 11, 2016
Alberta expands access to addiction treatment - March 23, 2016
Alberta gets new Chief Medical Officer of Health - March 11, 2016
Alberta acts on mental health recommendations - Feb 22, 2016
Alberta Health increases access to kits that reverse fentanyl overdoses - Feb 17, 2016
Alberta acts on mental health recommendations - Valuing Mental Health Report of the Alberta Mental Health Review Committee 2015
Albertans can now provide ideas to strengthen addiction and mental health services - Sept 1, 2015
Budget 2015 increases supports for school-based child and youth mental health - April 1, 2015
Alcohol and pregnancy don't mix - Aug. 29, 2014
Funding available to help protect vulnerable children and families - Aug. 21, 2014
Impaired driving kills more than 90 Albertans each year - Aug. 1, 2014
New supports for Albertans affected by eating disorders - July 23, 2014
More support for victims of family and sexual violence - June 11, 2014
More supports for pregnant, at-risk moms and babies - June 10, 2014
Alberta children and families will benefit from CASA Centre - May 9, 2014
AGLC Supports Provincial Efforts to Prevent FASD - April 14, 2014
Budget 2014 Supports Health Minds and Communities - April 11, 2014
Alberta Balances Budget - March 6, 2014
Budget 2014 by the numbers - March 6, 2014
Hazelden, Betty Ford Center have merged - Feb. 10, 2014
Alberta expands mental health supports for children and families - Feb. 3, 2014

Press Releases - 2011 - 2013

Tougher tobacco laws protect Alberta's children and youth - Nov. 7, 2013
Site secured for Medicine Hat Detox Centre - Nov. 7, 2013
Alberta creates new engagement opportunities for communities - Oct. 23, 2013
Human Services Transformation - Oct. 23, 2013
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder learning series support families and caregivers - Oct. 8, 2013
Alberta recognizes International Fetal Alcohol Sprectrum Disorder Awareness Day - Aug. 23, 2013
Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre officially opens - May 24, 2013
Building Alberta: Budget 2013 increases supoorts for vulnerable Albertans - March 7, 2013
Investing in People - February 12, 2012
Budget 2012 - Implications for Alberta's Nonprofit Sector - February 2012
Province Invests in Community Workers who Support Albertans - Feb. 10, 2012
Investing in People - February 12, 2012
Alison Redford Promises Changes to Benefit the Nonprofit Sector - October 5, 2011
Redford Announces Funding Plan for Non-Profits - Sept. 26, 2011

Alcohol/FASD - 2020

Binge drinking and the brain
People are drinking more during the pandemic — including parents
New device can treat alcohol intoxication
FASD awareness month works to reduce the stigma of the most preventable disability
Alberta walks back claim people are buying more alcohol and cannabis during pandemic
Heavy drinking is highest among younger people and those worried about finances, survey suggests
Alcohol-free club supports members virtually during pandemic
Less crime around Sheldon Chumir, but consumption site’s fate still uncertain
'I should be dead right now': Safe consumption site was lifesaver for MRU student
How misuse of benzodiazepines, a common class of anti-anxiety medication, can lead to dependency
AHS recruiting for new advisory council
Report tells Health Canada to rethink funding in opioids fight
Opioid addiction forum starts the conversation
Historic investment in addiction treatment spaces
Teen drinking, drug use tied to other risky behaviors

Alcohol/FASD - 2018 - 2019

Canadian scientist undergoes novel brain stimulation treatment for alcoholism
Adults in the N.W.T. can soon get diagnosed at a new FASD clinic
The science of addiction: How our bodies get hooked on drugs, alcohol
Worrying rise in alcohol-related harm among women, CAMH says
Government of Canada supports projects to address and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Canada
Alcohol-related deaths remain a ‘silent epidemic’ in Canada: expert
More Canadians hospitalized for alcohol and drugs than heart attacks, strokes: study
Despite warnings, alcohol consumption not going down
Opinion: Pushing progress for treating fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Prenatal exposure to alcohol affects a million Canadians. Why it’s time to start tackling our hidden drinking problem
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder more prevalent in certain groups: study
Even moderate alcohol consumption increases stroke risk
New Food Guide addresses ‘elephant‘ in the room: the dangers of alcohol
London Drugs rolls out rapid hepatitis C screening test in Calgary
New detox centre the first of its kind for an Alberta First Nation
AHS looking to improve FASD services
Canada’s new food guide takes a tougher stance on alcohol
No more wasted nights: How young Albertans are finding options to party without booze
Chief public health officer sounds alarm over alcohol abuse among women
Alcohol is killing Canadians, so why are we still drinking?
Why Mommy Drinks: The Scary Truth About Alcohol And Mothers
Construction begins on new AHS youth detox facility in Red Deer
There is 'no safe level' of alcohol, global study confirms
Lakeland centre trying to fight the ‘invisible disability’
More supports needed for people with FASD, say advocates
Why Binge Drinking Is on the Rise in Canada—and Why It’s So Dangerous
Alcohol-related deaths in Canada increasing faster for women than men: report
No amount of alcohol safe for pregnant women
More than a million Canadians could have fetal alcohol syndrome disorder: study
Edmonton supportive housing complex for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder a Canadian first
Alcohol among biggest risk factors of early-onset dementia: Canadian study
Radical harm reduction for illicit alcohol may save lives, studies find

Alcohol/FASD - 2016 - 2017

Launch of Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada an Information Guide for Canadians on Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Use
Alberta FASD Conference 2017
Immune cells may not be at root of fetal alcohol syndrome
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is way more common than you thought
Drinking alcohol while pregnant could have transgenerational effects
More Detox Beds at the Royal Alex
Public Health Agency of Canada investing in projects to address Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Symposium looks at how to reduce alcohol-related harms in post-secondary students
Alcohol, energy drinks a dangerous mix: study
National conference signals growing awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Giving drinks to alcoholics, a look inside the Calgary program
Sugar acts similarly to alcohol or cocaine in our brains, says neuroscientist
Giving children alcohol doubles their chances of still drinking a year later, a UNSW study of teens and parents finds
'I felt like I wasn't alone anymore': Edmonton child diagnosed with FASD after battle for testing
The truth about teens and alcohol: Parents, researchers and students weigh in on drinking
Women now drinking almost as much as men
University of Saskatchewan expert helps develop first-ever FASD medication guidelines
Researchers identify blood test that may help predict FASD during pregnancy
Support services for FASD inconsistent across Canada, prof says
Starting drinking alcohol during puberty is associated with future psychological disorders
New responsible drinking campaign to help Albertans make informed choices about alcohol
Supporting healthy pregnancies: We all have a role to play
Researchers uncover genetic effects of FASD
Experts propose new clinical guidelines for diagnosing FASD
New review concludes that evidence for alcohol causing cancer is strong
Adult Women Diagnosed With ADHD May Face Increased Risk Of Mental Health Conditions, Suicidal Thoughts
Pregnancy test vending machines an 'astounding success' in fight against FASD
Alcohol addiction located in the “stop” and “go” centres of the brain: study
Yukon FASD study prompts calls for 'system-wide change'
Increased alcohol availability in places like Starbucks should concern Canadians: experts
Number of female binge drinkers on rise in Alberta while young men continue to party to excess
Sleep changes seen with fetal alcohol exposure partly explain learning and mood problems
Most Canadians enjoy a tipple, but many don’t know health risks: top doctor
The Nature of Things (documentary) WASTED. Leading addiction researchers reveal clues to what causes addiction and make the case for new, compassionate evidence-based treatment
FASD diagnostic clinic helps parents, teachers of affected children
More than 400 conditions co-occur with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), CAMH study finds

Alcohol/FASD - 2013 - 2015

Party season can be challenging for those struggling with addiction
Diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: new Canadian guideline
New research supports graphic health warnings on alcohol bottles — including photos of diseased livers
Diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: New Canadian guideline
Women and alcohol: Montreal panel sounds alarm
Spike in mouthwash abuse renews push for unusual treatment program
Smoking and alcohol-related disease in Alberta's poor three times higher than among rich
Why Canada needs a new alcohol strategy
FASD: The often invisible brain injury suffered by kids whose mothers drank while pregnant
Glass of wine a day may increase women’s breast cancer risk: study
Many young Canadians exceed alcohol guidelines
Binge drinking by young women raises future health risks
10 health risks of chronic heavy drinking
ATV drinking and driving taking toll on Alberta health-care costs
No vacancy: Why Calgary addicts are turned away from detox
Program aims to reduce dropouts in addictions treatment
Any dose of alcohol combined with cannabis significantly increases levels of THC in blood
NIH study finds alcohol use disorder on the increase
Binge drinking by young people is increasing, report finds
A sobering thought: One billion smokers and 240 million people with alcohol use disorder worldwide
What is the drug shatter? Here are 5 things to know
Alberta's worsening fentanyl crisis cripples middle class families as doctors struggle to keep up
Finding hope with substance addiction
Marijuana damaging young brains, say experts
Are Sober Bars the Start of a Sober Revolution?
Mixing energy drinks, alcohol tied to abusive drinking in teens
Alcohol may elevate the expression of two enzymes
Alcohol Sense: A Resource for Everyone
Fake bar may be key to helping alcoholics
The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous
Women urged to ‘think before they drink’
Differences in Addiction Patterns Between the Sexes
Study puts price tag on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Canada
Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say
CCSA is pleased to announce the launch of the Prevention Hub Canada website
Brain Basis for Female Addiction
Daily drinking increases risk of alcoholic cirrhosis
Women & Addiction: Why Amanda Chose Jail Over Treatment
‘Thanks Alcohol!’ New Alberta awareness campaign targets binge drinking
The Truth About Women and Alcoholism
FASD Research: More Kids Damaged By Women Drinking During Pregnancy Than Previously Expected
FASD: The missing diagnosis
Mums who drink alcohol while pregnant consigning their kids to unemployment and jail
Making cigarettes more expensive means we drink less alcohol - except when it comes to wine
Nunavut FASD posters provoke strong reaction
Alcohol-related disabilities 'invisible' in Canada, advocates say
Alcohol addict’s gender makes difference
Drinking alcohol, even in ‘safe’ amounts, doubles the risk of severe memory loss, study suggests
Women face gender-specific challenges in fighting addiction and alcoholism
Life expectancy calculator points to alcohol, tobacco consumption as biggest factors for who lives the longest
Free pregnancy tests to be available in Alaska bars, restaurants
Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous New Way to Get Drunk
100,000 Homes: Housing the Homeless Saves Money?
People Affected By Substance Abuse, Binge Eating Share Common Pattern And Brain Structure
Alcohol kills millions a year, WHO finds in new report
Alberta hopes mandatory signs in bars, restaurants, stores will reduce FASD
Women and Alcohol: A Special Report
Addiction Begins in the Brain

Drugs - 2020

More than 900 Albertans died from opioid poisoning in first 10 months of 2020
New substance use data will support addiction recovery
‘It’s saddening. It’s heartbreaking’: Albertans discuss overdose deaths in the time of COVID-19
New substance use data will support addiction recovery
Federal Government’s Fall Economic Statement Addresses Opioid Crisis and Canadian Wellness amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
AHS promotes National Addictions Awareness Week
Education, accessing resources key focuses of Addiction Awareness Week in Grande Prairie
Make a Change to Help People with Substance Use Disorders During National Addictions Awareness Week
Mothers of children removed from their care are more likely to accidentally overdose, study shows
Addictions Awareness Week: Associate Minister Luan
Opinion: Access to addiction recovery treatment without fees will save lives in Alberta
Resources for National Addiction Awareness Week are now available for download on the CCSA website
Government eliminates user fees for Albertans seeking addictions treatment
Coronavirus pandemic aggravates opioid crisis amid rise in overdoses, decline in services
Opioid overdoses spike during COVID-19, leading to calls for a new approach to harm reduction
Canada's opioid crisis killed 13 people a day in 2018, prevention report shows
Removing financial barriers to addiction treatment
South Country Treatment Centre acquired by Fresh Start
Opioid deaths skyrocket, mental health suffers due to pandemic restrictions, new federal report says
Edmonton Convention Centre shelter will include safe consumption site
Opioid crisis sees First Nations deaths double during pandemic
'I couldn't reach him any more': Substance use rises with recession, pandemic
Rural Alberta recovery centre for homeless men set to close by February
N.W.T. MLA says gov't reversed its position on addictions treatment centre
Federal health minister appeals to Alberta to reconsider closing opioid treatment program
Addicted: How Edmonton could solve its meth problem
Recovery centre wait times vary
Lethbridge doctors call out UCP for 'misguiding the public' on overdose prevention
Fighting addiction and trauma, women in custody turn to Calgary treatment centre for second chance
OxyContin maker to plead guilty to federal criminal charges, pay $8 billion, and will close the company
Distress Centre COVID-19 Report September 2020
Opinion: Supporting addiction recovery shouldn't be divisive
Patients launch lawsuit over pending closure of Alberta opioid treatment program
Province won't consider safe supply programs to address spiking overdose deaths
'It gave me back my life': Calgary Drug Treatment Court shows low recidivism rates, cost savings
Addicted: How meth erodes Edmonton-area families and communities
Addicted: Meth fuelling petty and violent crime in Edmonton
Addicted: How meth takes a toll on Edmonton's health system and devastates users
3 weeks after province ends funding for injection site, unsanctioned space opens in Lethbridge
Opioid surveillance report: Associate Minister Luan
Opioid overdoses spike amid COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 3 Albertans dying per day
Fentanyl-related deaths climb in Red Deer
Canada's top doctor open to opioid decriminalization as COVID-19 threatens to worsen crisis in Alberta
Addicted: How meth hooked Edmonton — again
'This was the safety zone for them': Fire damages recovery house in NE Calgary
Lethbridge addictions treatment staff, patients talk recovery during COVID-19 pandemic
Open letter calls on province to reverse decision ending a 'life-saving' opioid dependency program
Recovery Month: Supporting addiction recovery
International Overdose Awareness Day: Associate Minister Luan
Lethbridge braces for closure of Canada's busiest supervised consumption site
Harm reduction advocates send open letter to province protesting Lethbridge SCS closure
More Canadian federal prisoners waiting for opioid treatment
Canada's top doctor open to opioid decriminalization as COVID-19 threatens to worsen crisis in Alberta
Supporting recovery and combatting drugs in Medicine Hat
Calgary addiction recovery centre links COVID-19 to spike in waiting list: ‘Nobody is immune’
Edmonton HIV outreach team searching for partners as government funds run dry
Drug-dispensing machines being installed to help address overdose crisis, including in Victoria
Marijuana use during pregnancy linked to autism in babies, study says
Thorpe Recovery Centre looking for “Sober Heroes” this September
'Learning every day': Alpha House says funding boost will help as it copes with pandemic
Investing in addiction recovery in southern Alberta
Building Recovery Capital in Canada Virtual Conference September 4, 2020
Premier rejects harm reduction model during funding announcement for new addiction recovery centres
How the N.W.T. is reducing addictions harm during COVID-19
Clearing up inaccurate reports on opioid overdose deaths in Lethbridge
Alberta to add 400 new drug treatment beds through five new recovery communities
Province invests $5M for new addiction recovery community in Red Deer
Lethbridge supervised consumption site loses government funding after audit finds $1.6M shortfall
Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms (2015–2017) [report]
Telemedicine support for addiction services
Carfentanil, COVID-19 creating deadly combination for Edmonton's opioid users
Province invests $4M into virtual drug treatment program
Corbella: The Dream Centre helps addicts become good fathers through good fathering
Methamphetamine growth impacts role of consumption site
Building Recovery Capital in Canada Virtual Conference
Exploring Expanded Response Options to Opioid Harms: Case Studies from Four Canadian Clinics
Virtual Care Crucial During COVID-19
16 carfentanil-related deaths in northern Alberta over 2-week span
Alberta commits more funding to Virtual Opioid Dependency Program
Opioid overdoses down since last year, but COVID-19 pandemic could cause spike
Updated: Drug treatment court announced for Red Deer, along with tougher enforcement
Expert says punitive measures may not help fight addiction in Lethbridge
Virtual concert will help support local charities
New Resources on COVID-19 and Methamphetamine and Stimulant Use
AHS pauses partnership with Big White Wall following complaints about name
Virtual addiction treatment day program now open for registration
Fresh Start's 7th Annual Panel Discussion
Blood Tribe uses lessons learned during the opioid crisis to tackle COVID-19
Recovery Road, a new podcast from Hazelden Publishing
Virtual Care Platform, HelloMD Expands to Alberta to Provide Urgent Support to Chronic Pain Patients During COVID19
Why COVID-19 could make the overdose epidemic worse
Illicit drug supply potentially more dangerous amid COVID-19 pandemic
Recovery Capital Conference taking place in cities across Canada during Recovery Month Canada
Health Canada Toolkit: COVID-19 and Substance Use
Grande Prairie sees province’s highest rate of fentanyl-related fatalities in 2019
Progress continues for group looking to open aftercare treatment centre
Fentanyl deaths decline in 2019 but COVID-19 poses new concerns
Impacts of COVID-19 on Substance Use
Calgary addiction treatment centres opt for more virtual meetings during COVID-19 pandemic
Addiction centres suspended during COVID-19 crisis
Addictions treatment centre to house youth overnight during COVID-19 crisis
Addictions treatment centre closures in Alta., B.C., could mean more obstacles for N.W.T. patients
Alberta expanding number of 'drug treatment courts' to battle addiction
Supporting recovery and combatting drugs in Lethbridge
'A system of chaos': Supervised consumption site review finds 'serious problems' with operations
UCP government shifts focus of Alberta’s addictions treatment to recovery
Calgary doctor on consumption site review panel says he's sorry it fuelled fears around sites' future
Alberta government to end funding for intensive opioid therapy program
High meth use at Alberta safe drug sites calls for more resources: advocates
Canadian scientists call on province to retract supervised consumption sites report
Cannabis use among Canadian teens down since legalization, say researchers
Edmonton doctor, patient concerned as government plans to defund intensive opioid therapy
Coronavirus and addiction: For people in recovery, self-isolation can be harmful
Calgary addictions services working quickly to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions
Inspired Albertan: Stacey Petersen
Governor general says multiple solutions needed for 'complicated' overdose issue
Supportive program available for pregnant, post-partem women who acknowledge drug or alcohol use during pregnancy
Pro supervised consumption sites group holds rally at Alberta legislature
Opinion: Alberta could become a leader in treating addictions
More help in Red Deer for youth addicted to drugs
Supervised consumption panel says it looked at Portugal’s method of decriminalization
Health Canada has not yet seen Alberta panel’s supervised consumption report
Opinion: I used to believe safe drug sites were bad, but I was wrong
Some of Alberta’s supervised consumption sites could be moved: Kenney
Braid: UCP has to bring consumption-site sanity to Calgary
Advocates await release of provincial report on supervised consumption sites
Calgary Dream Centre faces longest-ever waitlist for addictions treatment while donations drop
Improved access to addiction and mental health support in Wetaskiwin
Fentanyl overdoses in Alberta begin to decline
Lethbridge being considered for “alternative justice” drug treatment court
Harvard neuroscientist issues caution about legalized cannabis edibles

Drugs - 2018 - 2019

Researchers Pursue Single-dose Gene Therapy for Cocaine Addiction
Almost 14,000 Canadians killed by opioids since 2016: national study
10 clinics to share $2M in annual funding as Alberta looks to shift opioid treatment focus
Helping more Albertans overcome opioid addiction
Calgary Wellness Walk spreads a message of hope
Expanding addiction care for Indigenous people
Nechi Institute lease terminated to make room for more addiction treatment
'What we don’t need is another strategy for meth:' Police chief, AHS face council over Edmonton's meth problem
Funding for supervised consumption sites unknown beyond March
Who’s who on Alberta’s mental health and addictions panel
Justice minister hints at potential drug treatment court for Grande Prairie
Mental health and addiction council appointed
Addiction treatment providers must now be licensed
Protecting patients in addiction treatment
The first US clinical trial of using an in-brain chip to fight opioid addiction is now underway
National Addiction Awareness Week Resources
Province doubles size of Edmonton, Calgary drug treatment courts
Clients of shuttered private addiction rehab centre speak out
Province shutters local addiction treatment facility amid patient safety concerns
Alberta to join B.C. in class action lawsuit against opioid manufacturers
Fentanyl responsible for record proportion of Alberta opioid deaths, report finds
Edmonton police stats on first year of legalized marijuana: Drug-impaired driving overridden if alcohol confirmed
Event aims to build awareness of the stigma of drug addictions
'Meth use is a common factor' accounting for rise in Edmonton break-ins
Health Canada eyes private-sector cash to fund opioids solution
Expanding access to treatment and recovery - New support for treatment and recovery will give Albertans greater access to publicly funded addiction spaces
Province commits $140 million to drug treatment to combat opioid scourge
Red Deerians talk supervised consumption at town hall meeting
Social agencies feel pinch as funding hits new lows
Provincial supervised consumption services review draws hundreds in Lethbridge
Alberta government reiterates support for naloxone kits after concerns it may enable some drug users
Chocolate can throw off THC tests for edibles, and scientists are puzzled
Men twice as likely to consume cannabis as women, StatsCan survey suggests
Most Canadians prefer drug treatment that doesn't rely on opioid replacement: poll
Health officials warn naloxone won't work on latest street drug mix
Lethbridge may ask province to freeze funds for supervised consumption site
Safe consumption site still seeing high rates of crime: Calgary Police report
Expert panel to review supervised consumption sites
Changing drug supply in Alberta means overdoses are harder to reverse, healthcare workers warn
More than 4,300 overdoses reversed at Alberta supervised consumption sites since 2017: Report
Alberta draws fire after naming panel to review impacts of supervised consumption sites
UCP announces committee to review supervised drug consumption services
Feds commit to help fund Nunavut’s addictions treatment centre
Dangerous new mix of opioids and benzo-type drug has no overdose antidote, Alberta health officials warn
Government of Canada invests in new measures to address the opioid crisis and emerging drug threats
Government of Canada supports efforts to better understand how substance use affects Indigenous communities
Harm-reduction advocates raise concerns as Alberta plans supervised consumption site review
Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor defends supervised drug-consumption sites
New study links recent cannabis consumption with memory, cognitive issues
Lethbridge mayor calls for help in fight against drug epidemic
Edmonton's supervised consumption sites 'making an impact' in first year
A peek into opioid users' brains as they try to quit
Debate over supervised consumption sites ramps up across Alberta
Edmonton's supervised consumption sites 'making an impact' in first year
Highly addictive crystal meth a growing concern in Edmonton
Overdose prevention site helps reduce fentanyl deaths in Red Deer
'Clients fall off:' Calgary program helps recently released prisoners with hep C
'We don't want to be over-optimistic': Deadly fentanyl overdoses on the decline in Alberta
Opioid-related death statistics released in new Alberta Health study
Health Canada announces funding for community-based cannabis public education and awareness initiatives
Edmonton doctor opens opioid clinic geared to South Asian community
UCalgary and partners create new course for physicians to reduce opioid use
Funding for new safe injection sites frozen by Alberta government until further notice
Federal prison in Alberta expected to be first to open supervised drug injection site
Supervised injection site at Drumheller should not replace needle exchange program for inmates: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Opioid-related death count up to more than 11,500 nationally: government data
Calgary could host vital research on cannabis's role in reducing opioid deaths
Edmonton councillors call for specific steps to cope with opioids
Canadian drug makers hit with $1.1B suit for pushing opioids despite risks
Addressing the opioid crisis through innovative treatment options and investments in frontline projects and research
New Calgary collective brings together experts of all kinds to tackle street-level drug use
Meth making a comeback in Edmonton, warns police chief
Forest Lawn resident says safe consumption site poses danger to community
First-time cannabis use up after legalization, StatsCan reports
More than 10,000 Canadians died from opioid overdoses in less than 3 years: PHAC
Interactive opioid addiction exhibit aims to educate
Opioid deaths keep climbing across Canada
Shoppers Drug Mart launches second online medical pot portal in Alberta
Calgary scientists believe they’re close to producing non-addictive painkillers
Record number of Alberta opioid deaths in 2018 taking its toll on Calgary firefighters
14 overdose calls in 4 days prompts Grande Prairie RCMP to issue warning to drug users
Red Deer business owners eye former nightclub as one solution to city's growing drug problem
Opioid crisis needs more attention and investment
Alberta harm reduction groups grade political parties’ response to opioid crisis
Early and Regular Cannabis Use Is a Strong Predictor of Cognitive Impairment
More than 10,000 Canadians died from opioid overdoses in less than 3 years: PHAC
Opioid deaths keep climbing across Canada
Calgary scientists believe they’re close to producing non-addictive painkillers
'We're mourning their loss:' Red Deer plagued by highest rate of fentanyl deaths in Alberta
Opioid deaths in Alberta hit record high in 2018, but show signs of slowing
U of A lab receives funding to help prevent opioid addiction in chronic pain patients
What we know about how safe cannabis is for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms
Cannabis consumption on the rise in Canada since legalization: Study
Daily cannabis and skunk users run higher psychosis risk
Council allocates $1M to address safety concerns around Calgary's supervised consumption site
Health officials scramble to confront meth 'epidemic' in emergency rooms
Airdrie mother brings support group for those affected by opioids to Calgary
New opioid implant offered to Canadians as potential addiction treatment
Women more prone to drug addiction: Study
Concerns around safe drug site aired at emotional city hall meeting
Thorpe implements new programs
A look inside Red Deer's overdose prevention site
Federal Court rules in favour of Edmonton drug consumption sites after businesses wanted them shut down
Drug-impaired driving on the rise, cannabis-impaired driving mellow: Commission report
Alberta Health Services – Harm Reduction for Psychoactive Substance Use Policy
Calgary councillor hands out naloxone kits to colleagues, demos how to save a life
Fentanyl-related deaths continue to climb in Alberta
Calgary’s only supervised consumption site gets green light for another year, but faces springtime review
Council sanctions plan of attack on social chaos linked to safe consumption site
Medicine Hat Safe Consumption Site location announced
Coalition on opioid use holding public sessions Tuesday and Feb. 12
Federal, N.W.T. gov'ts commit $760K to fight opioid addiction in territory
Tech solutions to overdose crisis raise questions of accessibility and practicality
Supervised consumption site helping combat overdose deaths in Calgary
Supervised drug consumption site to be welcoming, safe environment: Turning Point
Canada needs better data on drug users with overdose-induced brain damage, doctors say
Mental health expert warns of 'significant increase' in cannabis-induced psychosis
Chances of surviving an overdose may depend on where person lives
Beltline businesses near safe injection site frustrated with rise of violent crimes
Number of opioid overdose deaths may be plateauing: Alberta Health report
Safe consumption site has become magnet for drug dealers in Beltline, say police
Opioids are killing 2 Albertans every day, according to new report
Advocates call for decriminalization as Alberta fentanyl deaths continue at virtually same, peak rate
2,000 Canadians died of an overdose in first 6 months of the year
Taking action on opioids crisis in Lethbridge
Treatment options opening on Blood Tribe
Reports of crystal meth use triple among addictions clients, AHS says
Don't keep naloxone kit in your car this winter, health advocate warns
Southern Alberta Indigenous group ends addictions awareness week with powerful message
Dozens of suspected opioid overdoses reported on Alberta First Nation within 48-hour period
Heavy cannabis use tied to strokes, researchers say
On the opioid front line: How Alberta family doctors are playing a bigger role in addiction treatment
Edmonton’s fourth supervised drug consumption site open
Beyond naloxone: use drugs for drug users, Edmonton city committee hears
Substance abuse a costly issue in Alberta: study
Substance use costs $1,000 to $2,600 per person in Canada each year, study says
Personal drug use should be decriminalized, addictions expert says
National Addictions Awareness Week
Hope for cannabis as treatment for opioid addiction
Province regulates addiction treatment facilities and counsellors
Bill 30: Mental Health Services Protection Act
County community coalition tackles opioid crisis
Edmonton Councillor proposes giving out opioids to fight drug crisis
Vaping rates for high school students still climbing in Alberta
Top Alberta doctor says medical system ready for potential boom in pot-driven E.R. visits
Crystal meth eclipsing opioids on the Prairies: ‘There’s no lack of meth on the street’
40 minutes inside the fentanyl crisis
Edmonton teenager calls for overdose education after ‘life-or-death’ situation
On top of the grief, there's the shame: families of victims frustrated with stigma of opioid use
ER doctor explains human side of addiction
'Cannabis 101': Province ramps up public education as legalization looms
Calgary Dream Centre Radiothon Ready to Raise Funds and Awareness
Families affected by opioid crisis need more support, Alberta prof says
New Coalition on Opioid Use presents to Lethbridge City Council
'The crisis is not abating': New stats show opioid deaths on the rise in Canada
Red Deer calls on Alberta gov't to pay for 'consequences' of gaps in addiction services
New Canadian Medical Association head calls for debate on decriminalizing opioids
Opioid overdoses killed more than 1,000 Canadians in the first quarter of 2018
Statement from the Co-Chairs of the Special Advisory Committee on the Epidemic of Opioid Overdoses Regarding Updated Data on Canada’s Opioid Crisis
The push for workplace policy revisions to address recreational cannabis
'The crisis is not abating': New stats show opioid deaths on the rise in Canada
Construction begins on expanded addiction treatment facility near Priddis
Overdose Awareness Day: Minister Hoffman statement
Alberta youth advocate says concrete action needed on opioid education
Scores continue to die from fentanyl as International Overdose Awareness Day observed
Stories shared at International Overdose Awareness Day
Overdose Awareness Day: Minister Hoffman statement
New opioid crisis supports for Indigenous people
Peace River opioid campaign gets provincial help
Calgary safe drug consumption site sees usage drop
Overview on AHS Supervised Consumption Services
The Opioid Crisis in Canada's Prisons Part of a Larger Problem
Needle exchange program saved my life: former addict
Amid opioid fears, Alberta universities offer students a dose of reality for back-to-school
Marijuana found in breast milk up to six days after use
Calgary Homeless Foundation to withdraw funding of Keys to Recovery Program
Opioid overdose calls hit record for Calgary firefighters
Editorial: Drug site has value
Trying to save lives: Naloxone training in Yellowhead County
Edmonton's safe injection sites look to add staff and capacity due to demand
Safe consumption will cost $2M/year
National Website Designed to Educate Emerging Adults about Risks of Cannabis
Calgary addiction recovery program forced to close its doors
Calgary's only supervised consumption site sees dramatic increase in traffic
Health Canada expects pressure to mount to declare opioid crisis an emergency
Suboxone on trial at Alberta emergency rooms to curb opioid addictions
Forced detox program for child addicts failing families, Edmonton mother says
No easy answer for opioids
'They wake up out of a fog': Opioid taper program helps chronic pain patients wean off powerful drugs
Suboxone on trial at Alberta emergency rooms to curb opioid addictions
Forced detox program for child addicts failing families, Edmonton mother says
Alberta needs an opioid strategy specifically for youth: Child advocate
To combat opioids, forced detox program for youth needs expansion, say advocates
'Help us': Cluster of overdoses prompts call for help by Grande Prairie outreach groups
Opioid death toll in Canada nearly 4,000 last year, new data show
Opioid-related deaths soar in British Columbia, Alberta
Opioid treatment centre coming to Bonnyville
Substance Use Costs the Canadian Economy Billions
Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor announces intent to severely restrict marketing of opioids
Website launched to teach youth about risks of cannabis
Neighbours air concerns about supervised drug consumption site in meeting with ministers, AHS
New opioid treatment clinics in northern Alberta
Province announces expansion to Lethbridge safe consumption site
Opioid crisis worsening, ARCHES exploring new harm-reduction methods for addicts
Opioid dealers target Alberta reserve struggling with overdoses
Public Health Agency of Canada announces funding to help frontline workers communicate the health and safety facts about cannabis
Many Canadian workplaces not ready for legal marijuana, World Cannabis Congress told
Alberta fentanyl deaths decrease in early 2018, as Calgary area continues to have highest rate
Alberta’s opioid response commission term extended
Cannabis patient numbers increasing in Alberta hospitals
Experts say Alberta’s drug education urgently needs an update
Crystal meth most common drug used at Calgary safe consumption site
Calgary coalition on supervised consumption hopes to see mobile site by the fall
Atypical overdose symptoms becoming a growing trend after high-dose, quick fentanyl injections
Why Alberta plans to offer prescription opioid injections
‘You never think it’s going to happen to you’: Opioid crisis claiming lives in Alberta suburbs
Health Canada's prescription opioid stickers will warn of addiction risk
Gene map for depression' sparks hopes of new generation of treatments
Calgary safe consumption site leads clients to treatment program
Alberta communities tackling opioid crisis
Alberta's opioid crisis shows no signs of relenting in 2018
Federal campaigns have educated millions of youths about dangers of pot: minister
Fentanyl overdose deaths continue to plague Alberta, report shows
Sheldon Chumir is ground zero in fighting the opioid crisis
Alberta communities tackling opioid crisis
Naloxone nasal spray for opioid overdoses now free for eligible First Nations and Inuit, feds say
Edmonton addictions specialist wants stigma taken out of safe consumption sites
Supervised consumption site at Royal Alex hospital set to open
Ottawa making it easier for doctors to prescribe methadone and heroin
Southern Alberta first responders say collaboration key to combat opioid crisis
Alberta schools adding anti-overdose kits, training teachers to use
Overdose prevention site opens on Blood Tribe
Alberta commission recommends more overdose prevention sites across province
New opioid treatment clinic coming; core communities likely location
New tools for family doctors in opioid crisis
New Lethbridge supervised consumption site sees 80 people in one week
New national guideline sets out best practices for treating opioid addiction
Eleven overdose deaths in Red Deer this year were preventable, officials say
We have to keep people alive before we can help them fight addiction
Jason Kenney's drug comments slammed by NDP MLA whose daughter overdosed
Council told naloxone kits not enough to reverse Edmonton opioid epidemic
Red Deer’s opioid crisis: six dead last month alone
U of C professor’s research helps launch first safe consumption site in Alberta
Sun Life to add medical-marijuana coverage to group benefits plans
Calgary not so high on public consumption of cannabis: survey
AHS deploys neon yellow LRT trains in $700K opioid awareness campaign
Edmonton peace officers to be equipped with naloxone kits as city combats overdose crisis
Lethbridge safe drug consumption site will be a North American 1st, official says
Feds announce funding for 14 marijuana research projects across Canada
Red Deer readies for supervised drug consumption site
Naloxone kits distributed by Alberta Health Services may not contain naloxone
New government data shows Alberta carfentanil deaths increased by 330% in 2017
McLeod: Doctors are working to solve Alberta's opioid crisis

Drugs - 2016 - 2017

Results of the Survey on Opioid Awareness, November 2017
Opioid crisis takes toll on Grande Prairie frontline workers
Marijuana addiction is real, and teenage users are most at risk
New care guidelines released as number of babies born dependent on opioids increases
Alberta researchers help launch study to compare opioid treatments
Grande Prairie task force to take on opioid crisis in 2018
'We can't just do the first aid': Doctor says Alberta needs long-term strategy to address opioid crisis
DOAP Team keeps disadvantaged Calgarians safe during extreme cold snap
Breakthrough brings non-addictive opioid alternatives a step closer
Montrealer heads clinical trial of opioid treatment options
Calgary addictions centre struggling to keep up with demand as donations drop, says director
Alberta funds $560,000 grant to tackle opioid crisis in Calgary's South Asian community
N.W.T. residents find healing in the South, MLAs to report on follow-up treatment in the North
Provincial support improves opioid treatment
Canada's opioid deaths on pace to hit 4,000 for 2017, far above last year's tally
Family doctors should learn to treat addiction, not shun patients: expert
Calgary firefighters have administered naloxone to 326 patients since December 2016
Edmonton fentanyl addiction prevention group lacks qualifications, critics say
Fentanyl test strips could lead to false sense of security, Health Canada warns
Calgary non-profit offers free naloxone clinics to fight stigma of drug addiction
Concerns about St. James addictions treatment centre based on 'misinformation': Calgary specialist
'I feel like myself': Renfrew Recovery Centre expands opioid misuse therapy
Opioid overdose deaths in Alberta jump 40 per cent over last year
Sherwood Park gets new opioid treatment clinic
The hospital on the front lines of Edmonton's opioid crisis
Drunk or high – don’t drive!
Alberta medical students seek fund to inform youth on cannabis risks
Alberta medical students seek fund to inform youth on cannabis risks
Second-hand 'toke' could lead to failure of workplace drug test: study
Health Canada eyes opioid restrictions for popular painkiller
CARBC becomes the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research
Alberta NDP open to conversation on decriminalizing possession of hard drugs
Reduce opioid prescriptions in favour of non-drug alternatives, pain management coalition urges
AHS promotes National Addictions Awareness Week - Calgary Zone
AHS promotes National Addictions Awareness Week - Edmonton Zone
Calgary's new supervised consumption site already catching drug overdoses, co-ordinator says
A new study found a big problem with a popular opioid addiction medication
Alberta urged to fund addiction services for Calgary's South Asian community
Alberta approves pilot programs for injectable opioid therapy
Calgary supervised consumption site approved
Canada's first drug inhalation site to open in Lethbridge
Supervised consumption sites in Edmonton, Lethbridge get federal approval
Alberta mulls over using kits that can check for presence of fentanyl in batches of drugs, but price and questions of their efficacy hinder confidence in their use, experts say
Alberta unveils marijuana framework, calls for minimum age of 18 to buy
Expanded opioid treatment helps more Albertans
Alberta unveils marijuana framework, calls for minimum age of 18 to buy
'You're trying to solve a drug problem with another drug': Vaccines for cocaine, heroin and opioid addictions
Study links vegetarian diet in pregnancy to substance abuse in offspring
Reports of crystal meth use in Alberta nearly triple in five years, AHS says
Alberta sees spike in youth reporting meth use, seeking help
Just junk jumps in the help heal those with addictions
Life after addiction: survey examines recovery in Canada
Health Canada to launch new campaign warning youth about risks of cannabis use
Western study finds negative effects of adolescent marijuana use may be reversible
FDA warns on mixing opioid addiction treatments with other meds
Calgary's drug court needs more money, mayor to tell feds and province
Alberta medical examiners gather grim evidence on opioid epidemic
Alberta paramedics warn of dangers of possible fentanyl stickers
Uptake slow at opioid dependency clinic despite demand
Experts urge a physician-assisted solution to the opioid crisis
International Overdose Awareness Day: Statement from Associate Health Minister
Alberta government hiring data analyst in fight against opioid crisis
Agency applies to build supervised drug consumption site in Lethbridge
Drug expert urges patients on high-dose painkillers to get naloxone
Advice line for health care professionals could curb growing opioid crisis, save lives
Supervised drug consumption sites in Red Deer to be discussed
Fentanyl contributed to hundreds of deaths in Canada so far this year
Study: Increasing marijuana use during teen years linked to psychosocial problems
Airdrie mother wants to see more support for parents of youth battling fentanyl addiction
Health officials warn of limitations to newly available opioid test strips
Calgary debates where and how to sell cannabis, eyes liquor-store model as template
Former teen fentanyl user on cross-country journey to understand root causes of crisis
Improved security for Safe Harbour facilities – Safe Harbour celebrates 10 years
Calgary police seeing increase in opioid-impaired driving
Health Canada to allow importation of drugs needed to treat opioid addiction
Overdose deaths from potent sedative carfentanil climb in Alberta
Lethbridge coalition seeks safe and legal site for drug consumption
Beltline cautiously welcomes proposed supervised consumption site
With legalization coming, researchers implore federal government to make it easier to study cannabis
Lighthouse program will go on
'Just because it is legal doesn't mean it is good': Obstetricians worry about marijuana law
Supervised consumption services consultation begins
Calgary's 1st supervised drug use site to be at Sheldon Chumir centre
New commission to guide opioid emergency response
Trudeau says governments must find a lasting solution to opioid epidemic
Life in Recovery from Addiction in Canada - Report
Little pills, big trouble
'We have the answer': Drug court model could help with opioid crisis, says manager
Declare Alberta fentanyl health emergency now, says B.C. advocate
On the Blood reserve, progress in the fight against opioid addiction and deaths
Flyers condemning planned Windsor Park addiction centre prompts impassioned response
Police force working 'aggressively' on Calgary's first safe injection site
CCSA Applauds Opioid Guideline
Edmonton comes out strongly in favour of supervised injection sites
The inside history of Canada’s opioid crisis
Ottawa doctor pioneers use of cannabis to help opioid addicts
Opioid addicts turn to psychedelic plants to treat withdrawal, but doctors warn of risks
Liberals table bills to legalize pot, clamp down on impaired driving
Alberta opioid report shows fentanyl deaths still on the rise
How doctors can stop making opioid addicts
Specialized youth clinic in downtown Edmonton will offer addiction, mental health services
McMaster study pegs cannabis as potential predictor of relapse for female methadone patients
Calgary housing for Albertans overcoming addiction
Adolescent treatment centre marks 10th anniversary of helping at-risk youth
Opioid overdose risk rises with use of anti-anxiety drugs, study finds
Majority of bystanders who administer opioid antidote don’t call 911: study
New federal opioid funding will help save lives
Federal government announces $6 million for Alberta opioid crisis
Advocate pushes for tighter regulation for addiction counsellors
Ontario, Quebec, Alberta reach health deals
Swann says the growing fentanyl crisis is driving up property crime 'dramatically'
Adolescent treatment centre marks 10th anniversary of helping at-risk youth
Braid: Lethal opioids are Alberta's undeclared emergency
'So many people are dying': Calgarians rally for action on opioid crisis
Safe injection sites could open in Edmonton within a year
Not 'party drugs': Edmonton city council struggles to understand opioid crisis
As fentanyl deaths climb in Alberta, event warns students of the danger
CBC Radio Interview with Trevor Loria - Opioid Crisis
'We've got a crisis': Nenshi pitches Calgary to feds as 'test bed' for fighting opioid crisis
Calgary's fentanyl crisis: A close look at the numbers
Alberta gives firefighters access to naloxone kits as fentanyl overdose deaths rise
The children left behind
Calgary homeless shelter sees spike in fentanyl overdoses
Red Deer’s Safe Harbour to open a detox centre staffed with nurses
Firefighters use naloxone to save overdosing Calgarians 45 times in under six weeks
More Canadian babies born with opioid addiction and withdrawal
Researchers discover that existing anti-gout drug can reduce severity of opioid withdrawal symptoms
Drug users stealing high-end grocery items such as meat and baby formula to fund addictions: Calgary police
Researchers reveal connection between female estrogen cycle, addictive potential of cocaine
New form of fentanyl discovered on Calgary streets
Naloxone kits help Calgary firefighters prevent 25 fentanyl deaths since mid-December
Prisons dealing with highly addicted populations
Addictions treatment paramount in wake of carfentanil deaths, says physician
Alberta, don't drive high: That's the message of our government's new $167K ad campaign
Alberta universities distribute naloxone overdose kits to combat fentanyl scourge
Use of high-THC cannabis products by youth raises concerns
Cuts to addictions funding pit prevention against recovery
Recovering addicts so influenced by drugs they say they’ll do the unthinkable
Calgary treatment centres scramble to replace lost United Way funding
Feds to tackle opioid crisis through legislation: Philpott
Opioid crisis: Medical experts push Alberta and Canada to declare health emergencies
Opinion: Canada is at an addictions crossroad, but we can draft roadmap to recovery
Hospital stays for opioid overdoses on the rise, warn health researchers
CMHA speaks up during National Addictions Awareness Week
AHS promotes National Addictions Awareness Week
CAMH urges Ottawa to take high-dose opioids off the market
Province bolsters opioid action plan to save lives
Experts sound alarm after 40% increase of fentanyl-laced street drugs tested in Canada
Edmonton and area police take on fentanyl from all sides
Fentanyl conference brings experts together in bid to fight growing public health crisis
'Long past time' to act on Canada's deadly opioid epidemic
Alberta justice minister heading to Colorado for pot legalization research
Naloxone saved 400 Albertans from fentanyl overdoses in one year
Hundreds of Alberta fentanyl addicts stuck on wait lists for treatment, says clinic chief
Meth seizures rise 300% in Calgary as police chief calls for more addiction support
Could sex hormones help addicted women stop taking opioids?
Dr. David Swann Town Hall - Closing the Gap on Alberta's Fentanyl and Opioid Crisis
Fentanyl drug of choice for almost 50% of addicts, Alberta addictions experts say
No Alberta state of emergency over fentanyl: province
'Bionic' opioid 100 times stronger than fentanyl may already be on Canadian streets
School kids smoking less but experimenting more with synthetic drugs: Health Canada
Hundreds of Alberta fentanyl addicts stuck on wait lists for treatment, says clinic chief
'I have a deficit': Sparse coffers delaying more action on addiction, says Alberta health minister
Fentanyl deaths climbing in Alberta, with 153 dead in first half of 2016
Latest steps to combat opioids are welcomed by Justice and Health Ministers
Experts raise alarm over Alberta’s low spending on opioid treatment
Canada lags behind in adopting safer drug for opioid addiction treatment
Canada’s expensive habit: Adding up opioid abuse’s rising financial toll on the health-care system
Police push for roadside drug testing device ahead of marijuana legalization
Canada must examine why it tops opioid-consuming countries: Health Minister Jane Philpott
NIH-funded research explores role of hormone levels in female addiction
Made-in-Canada approach to opioid addiction gets nod from prominent medical journal
College of Physicians and Surgeons defends opioid prescription standards
Opioid addiction at 'crisis level,' pharmacists hear at Calgary conference
Smoking cannabis with tobacco increases risk of dependence
A new resource for youth about addiction and mental health
Alberta grants raise awareness about dangers of drugs including fentanyl
Combination of marijuana and tobacco in pregnancy may compound risks
Alberta fentanyl wait lists could be deadly: expert
Fentanyl and other opioids for chronic pain put patients on a dangerous slope
The long road back from opioid addiction — Calgary's recovering addicts share their stories
Tighter controls announced for deadly drug W-18
Canadian substance abuse centre issues first-ever national recovery survey
Chief medical officer of health wants more info on opioid deaths in Alberta
Drug overdose survivors more likely to die of subsequent overdose: study
Medical students demand better training to tackle opioid crisis
Some Alberta first responders concerned about impact of Naloxone kits
When the cure becomes the addiction: Weaning patients off methadone
More numbers needed on opioid abuse in the province
Province improves and expands access to naloxone, opioid treatment and counselling
Bill restricting pill presses used to make fentanyl closer to becoming law
Getting high on Imodium dangerous, growing in popularity
Addictions specialist questions why Alberta has taken so long to develop fentanyl strategy as crisis rages
Health Canada moving quickly to regulate dangerous opioid drug W-18
Alberta docs warned of deadly W-18 after seizure
Health Canada to explore national plan to deal with opioid abuse
'It's amazing he's still alive': Calgary mom struggles with son addicted to dangerous drugs
How Canada got addicted to fentanyl
Treating addiction with hydromorphone saves lives and money, experts say
Addiction just one piece of homelessness puzzle
Critics question methadone usage as patient numbers soar in Canada
Alberta is researching supervised injection sites
Canada leads in rates of youth smoking marijuana, alcohol use down: WHO report
Fentanyl an increasing problem but other drugs still causing most overdose deaths
Opiate-blocker naloxone delisted by Health Canada, could soon be available without prescription
Naloxone antidote for W-18 remains a question mark
Alberta reserves struggle to access fentanyl antidote
Alberta to further expand access to fentanyl overdose-reversing drug naloxone
Why W-18, a drug 100 times stronger than fentanyl, will be hard to track
Fentanyl care in Edmonton ‘disappointing’: University of Alberta researcher
Fentanyl overdose kits soon to be available on campus
Canadian Government Investing in Prescription Drug Addiction Research
Fentanyl death toll hits 270 in Alberta, sowing destruction in families of many demographics
Alberta expands access to fentanyl antidote, naloxone
Canada’s opioid crisis leading to more babies born addicted: study
New drug W-18 ‘100 times more powerful than fentanyl’: Calgary police
CBC Investigates – Fentanyl crisis: Easier access to Suboxone urgently needed, experts say
Fentanyl deaths in Calgary in 2015 predicted to soar when final numbers are released
Calgary Police Service suggesting changes to youth drug act
Alberta health minister seeks national solution to fentanyl crisis
Alberta health minister will push for federal help with indigenous health, fentanyl addiction
Death toll from fentanyl in Calgary exceeds fatal crashes, homicides combined
Alberta's former PC government rejected $1.4M in drug treatment funding

Drugs - 2013 - 2015

Drug patch program is here
Health Canada plans changes to allow easier access to overdose drug
Fentanyl antidote one step closer to becoming prescription-free
The Canadian Journal of Addiction – The Rise of Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl & Value of Early Warning (p. 13)
Fentanyl abuse prompts Manitoba to create task force
Federal health advisers recommend approval Tuesday for an experimental implant designed to treat patients recovering from heroin
Drug used in fentanyl emergencies may be available without prescription next year
Fentanyl users face eight-week wait for methadone treatment in Calgary
Fentanyl deaths may have been prevented, journal article concludes
Buprenorphine found superior to Methadone in treating infants born in drug withdrawal
Alberta Health’s naloxone kits shown to save 50 lives
Alberta giving grants to raise awareness of dangers of fentanyl and other drugs
Premier, mayor warn fentanyl crisis deadlier than most Albertans realize
Alberta expands access to life-saving naloxone
Fentanyl antidote should also be administered by EMTs: Alberta paramedics
Street drug fentanyl called Alberta's leading public health problem
Number of beds for youth battling fentanyl addiction 'inadequate': Advocate
Alberta to distribute more antidote kits in wake of fentanyl deaths
Alberta vows more action to combat fentanyl crisis
Canada urged to create national system to track opioid-related deaths
High-potency cannabis damages key brain structure
For women, doctor prescribed painkillers more likely to lead to addiction
Drug Addiction Presents Differently In Men And Women, But Current Treatment Protocols Don't Reflect It
Alberta’s fentanyl deaths have hit a crisis point, critics say
Notley government defends response to Alberta's fentanyl crisis
AHS forms emergency command centre to target fentanyl, expand access to life-saving antidote
AHS proposal may add new treatment spaces for opioid addicts
Improper opioid use has steep, long-term costs
Calgary mother feels like she has her daughter back after years-long drug abuse
Scientists find a new target in the treatment of addiction
W5 investigates: Deadly epidemic follows illicit trade in pain killer fentanyl
Calgary police say fentanyl public health crisis not slowing down with 16 more overdoses — two fatal — in two weekends
Recovery Day Calgary connects addicts to stigma-free help
Calgary Judge calls for more drug courts as addicts speak out at Recovery Day
Alberta Health Services says fentanyl antidote kits have saved lives
Psychedelics Promising for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and PTSD
Accused fentanyl dealer issues warning to potential users
The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
Theme announced for National Addictions Awareness Week 2015 (Nov. 15 – 21): “Addiction matters”
It is a huge issue’: 145 fentanyl-related deaths in Alberta so far in 2015
Changing the way we think about addiction
Prescriptions of opioid drugs skyrocketing in Canada
Long-term brain changes persist years after drug abuse and recovery
Fentanyl-related deaths soar across Canada, report says
Oxycodone prescribing down, but deaths from opioids overall on rise: experts
Methadone therapy cuts HIV-infection rates: study
Alberta Health funds drug kits to prevent overdoses from dangerous opioids
Anti-anxiety drugs added to Alberta's drug-monitoring list
Addiction Isn't Hardwired: Intellectual Pursuits May Buffer Brain Against Addiction
Female drug users shun treatment for fear of losing children: U.N.
No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures
Hallucinogenic salvia set to be banned in Canada
Addiction specialists call tamper-resistant opioid formulations a 'gimmick'
Medication May Stop Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Survey: Many doctors misunderstand key facets of opioid abuse
Fentanyl: The king of all opiates, and a killer drug crisis
Province rolls out anti-overdose kits, as fentanyl addicts overwhelm detox beds
Pot use in youth has numerous mental and physical health risks, U of Guelph president suggests
'I was desperate': Calgary teenager watched his life unravel from a fentanyl addiction
Alberta sees dramatic rise in methadone use and costs
Cocaine Changes Brain Making Relapse More Likely
The Government of Canada Encourages Canadians to Join the Efforts to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse
Drop in abuse and overdose after opioids were made crush-resistant
Alberta looking at expanding availability of drug used to stop fentanyl overdoses
Shatter drug made of marijuana extract looks like 'toffee'
Study provides new estimates of opioid misuse, addiction
Drugs That Work Differently in Women and Men
Manufacture of emerging drug ‘shatter’ on Canadian market poses dangers to users and makers: police
Pregnant women need better access to methadone programs
Teen’s fentanyl overdose highlights troubling trend in Alberta
Researchers develop first validated method of detecting drugs of abuse in exhaled breath
Finding new ways to treat cocaine dependence could help with all addictions
CAMH study points to greatest harms of cannabis use in Canada
Deadly painkiller linked to rising number of Alberta deaths
Half a million needles handed out as harm reduction program grows in Calgary
Cannabis eases chronic pain better than commonly prescribed opioids, study suggests
Progesterone Helps Cocaine-Addicted Women Stay Abstinent After Pregnancy
Women Are More Likely To Get Addicted To Cocaine Than Men
What's in your medicine cabinet may be fueling drug abuse
High-dose opioid prescribing rising dramatically in Canada
Females Build Up Tolerance To Marijuana Faster Than Males, Study Finds
Making Money from Addiction: 30 Million Americans On Antidepressants. Twenty Facts on America’s Big Pharma Nightmare
Opiate overdose deaths rising across Canada. Accidental overdose deaths not just a problem with street drugs
Harm reduction on Calgary’s streets: An evening in the life of DOAP Team
Opiate overdose deaths have 'risen sharply' in Canada: report
Marijuana Physically Alters the Brain Even For 'Casual' Users
More Addicting Drug than Heroin and It’s Legal
Stories of opioid addiction and recovery
New research shows even low doses of caffeine impact kids, and bodies of boys and girls react differently

Mental Health/Trauma/Domestic Violence - 2020

40% of Canadians struggling with mental health, addiction amid coronavirus pandemic: Ipsos
Eating disorders among teens and adults surge during pandemic
Albertans report greatest increase of stress as Canadians’ mental health plummets
Coping with COVID-19: Your mental health questions answered
News Release: Bold steps, new direction for affordable housing
New housing is good news for Lethbridge seniors
Calgary student launches mental health support during challenging year
South Asian mental health the focus of new Calgary campaign
Chinook Sexual Assault Centre launches campaign for child advocacy centre
Emergency shelters for Albertans fleeing domestic violence see 46 per cent drop in admissions amid pandemic
Mental health support in Alberta: something for everyone
Domestic violence fears rise along with Alberta COVID cases: spousal violence police calls up 16 per cent
CAWES remains dedicated to women and children fleeing domestic violence, despite pandemic
University of Alberta study examines COVID-19 toll on health-care workers
Holiday Mental Health – It’s Okay if it’s not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Sexual minorities, especially women, who misuse substances more likely to have psychiatric disorders
Pandemic taking a toll on mental health of Calgarians
Legal Aid Alberta sends extra assistance to help victims of domestic violence
Fearing lives lost, Calgary homeless outreach team calls for immediate additional winter shelter
Suicide prevention supports in Medicine Hat
City approves 4-agency team to run homeless shelter in Edmonton Convention Centre
'Perfect storm': Dietitians warn of eating disorders in young athletes as COVID-19 disrupts training
Alberta police report increase in domestic violence calls during pandemic
Virtual mental health network now online for Albertans
Edmonton to set up new temporary 24-7 homeless shelter
New, supportive homes for Edmontonians in need
First COVID-19 outbreak in Edmonton's homeless community reported at Hope Mission shelter
Digital mental health treatment just as effective as in-person therapy: study
Grande Prairie RCMP create new unit to focus on domestic, sexual violence
More affordable housing on the way for Banff
Province announces $4.5 million to support mental health treatment for first responders
Alberta to provide additional COVID-19 homelessness supports
Women hit hardest by mental health effects of pandemic, and there may be more trouble ahead
Potential explosion in mental illness for Canadians could last years after pandemic, study suggests
Young Canadians, hospitality workers bear the brunt of mental strain in 2020: report
Lurana Shelter to continue ministry to abused women under Catholic Social Services
Expanded mental health unit coming to Grande Prairie Regional Hospital
Central Alberta programs that foster social well-being get FCSS funding
Thumbs Up Foundation receives $500,000
Alberta funding more mental health supports for first responders, military
CAMH survey shows pandemic affecting mental health, but anxiety levels may be easing
Coping with Stress, Anxiety, and Substance Use During Covid-19: How Animals Can Help
PTSD Awareness Month: Associate Minister Luan
'It's awful': Calgary homeless sleeping outdoors over fears of catching COVID-19
June declared Mental Health and Addictions Awareness Month - Airdrie
Expanded mental health supports for Albertans
'Right thing to do': Alberta introduces Mental Health Act changes to protect patients' rights
PTSD Awareness Month: Associate Minister Luan
Expanded mental health supports for Albertans
Task force to help protect vulnerable Albertans
New domestic violence shelter serving area west of Edmonton
More mental health support: Alberta expands Text4Hope program to people with cancer and addiction struggles
Calgary announces pilot projects enhancing access to addiction and mental health services
Calls for help are way down — raising concerns at the Red Deer women’s shelter
$500,000 in mental health support going to northern Albertans
Alberta Supporting Homeless and Women's Shelters
More calls to mental health helplines in Alberta due to COVID-19
Heightened risk of domestic violence in Alberta during COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19: How a pandemic can hide domestic violence
Text-based service launched for Albertans stressed over COVID-19
Increasing mental health supports in response to COVID-19
New technology focuses on mental wellness for Albertans during COVID-19 pandemic
Online tool available to help Albertans deal with mental health during pandemic
Domestic violence rates expected to spike amid social distancing, advocacy group warns
COVID-19 isolation hotel for Calgary homeless has first guests, no known cases
Self-isolation rooms for Calgary's homeless open in hotel
Edmonton Expo Centre to be used as overflow homeless shelter amid COVID-19 pandemic
Province announces repurposing at Lethbridge’s homeless shelter
Keith Gerein: Alberta's resiliency, supports to be tested by coming mental health inferno
Mental health apps can promote resilience: study
Supporting homeless Albertans affected by COVID-19
$3.7M of funding announced for 12 housing and homelessness projects across rural Alberta
‘I had no idea what was going on’: Youth program raising awareness of mental health
Issue Paper: Mothers’ Experiences of Stigma
How art is helping N.W.T. teens learn about drugs, alcohol and wellness
Childhood victims of bullying more likely to experience depression, anxiety as teenagers: study
New, improved men’s homeless shelter for Edmonton
Children’s Mental Health Week: Premier Kenney
City puts out call for ideas to help people with mental health and addiction issues
Support for at-risk homeless in Lethbridge
Survey finds 1.8 million Albertans have been sexually abused
Understanding domestic violence in rural communities and where to turn
Calgary outreach teams, shelters working overtime during extreme cold snap
The Alex and TELUS team up for new community health bus
CMHA to unveil new supportive living units next week
Poor families, children hit hard by cuts to Alberta's social programs: report
Economic uncertainty puts Okotoks housing project for women fleeing domestic violence on hold

Mental Health/Trauma/Domestic Violence - 2018 - 2019

Mental health supports: Associate Minister Luan
Throne speech recognition of mental health and addiction support applauded by pan-Canadian health organizations
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous helping central Albertans for more than 20 years
More mental health supports for Alberta students
Half of homeless people have experienced traumatic brain injury: study
Officials break ground on new Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
New program at CWES launching in honour of domestic homicide victims
Central Alberta women are fleeing from more dangerous domestic violence
Stewards of city's mental health strategy revealed
Mental Health Day: Statement from Minister Luan
Where to turn when dealing with family violence
Cannabis use by young people may be tied to depression and anxiety, CAMH study finds
A safe place for Calgary women escaping poverty
Safe, stable homes for Calgarians
Years in the making, Airdrie's first women's shelter finally near
Study: Best mental health with no alcohol
High suicide rates for Indigenous youths sparks action from Alberta government
'Learn the signs': Campaign launched on World Suicide Prevention Day
New women’s domestic abuse shelter supports Calgary’s newcomers
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) launches on-campus 'Carry It' campaign
Alberta government cuts $3.2M in funding to Calgary Homeless Foundation
Calgary mental health and addictions strategy survives council vote
Depression top risk factor for substance use during pregnancy, study finds
Housing for homeless Calgarians on the way
Want to improve your mental well-being? Go sober, study says
Programs to support mental health and addiction recovery coming to Red Deer
Supporting mental health and addiction recovery
New affordable housing opens for Edmonton families
New affordable homes for Calgarians
Experiencing withdrawal: What it’s like to stop taking antidepressants
No residential addictions treatment centre in N.W.T.'s new mental health plan
With budget debate looming, committee votes to stop work on $25M mental health and addiction strategy
Alberta-wide text and chat line launches amid increased demand for sexual assault services
Mental health survey looks at children and youth in Red Deer
Enforcement alone won't fix downtown crime linked to mental health, addiction: police
Southern Alberta ranch uses animal-assisted therapy to support mental health
Turning the tide of homelessness in Calgary
'Homeless ICU' could solve the revolving door in Alberta's emergency rooms
A third of homeless shelter workers struggle with PTSD, 'compassion fatigue': study
Turning the tide of homelessness in Calgary
Youth mental-health spaces in Calgary get colourful makeover
Opinion: I bet you didn't think domestic violence was that bad
Supporting affordable housing in Stony Plain
300% increase in overdose interventions taking toll on Drop-In Centre staff
New Red Deer homeless shelter
Temporary shelter for addicts given year-long extension by troubled Red Deer city council
AHS invest additional $206K in school mental health programming
Building mental health and wellness capacity for central Alberta students
FDA approves ketamine-like nasal spray for depression
Alberta provides $200-million for new child mental health facility
Most Alberta men would stand up against domestic violence, survey finds
Pot use linked to higher risk of depression, suicide in teens: study
City allocates $3 million to 19 non-profits to tackle mental health
Volunteers sought for health, provincial advisory councils
Firefighters hope coin will spark conversation about mental health
Rebuilding after domestic violence: How one Alberta woman lost everything
People with binge-eating disorders don’t get enough help in Alberta
Expanded mental health services tops list of needs for Central Health Advisory Council
Work begins on $25M strategy to tackle addiction and mental health
Calgary seeks expert advice for city’s first mental health and addictions strategy
Central Alberta women’s shelter sees 200 per cent jump in outreach clients
Housing help for Calgary women in crisis
New legal supports for sexual violence survivors
Albertans honoured for preventing violence
Sheldon Kennedy Centre launches trauma-training program
Supporting children’s mental health in Calgary
Protecting Albertans through mental health support
Preventing violence and helping survivors
Preventing violence, creating healthy communities
Three types of depression identified
People with mental health-related disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of assault: StatsCan
Public safety sector looks to proactive training in focus on mental health
Alberta child advocate releases reviews focused on mental health support for youth
Notes from the Dome: U of A help, mental health awards and two new MLAs
Province invests in affordable housing in Edmonton
1st-ever rural Alberta homeless count will gather data on 'chronic housing shortages'
New 24/7 mental health clinic for Edmonton
OurYYC On the Road: Mental Health Matters
AHS, CMHA spreading the word about mental health in Alberta
Childhood trauma can leave scars on DNA, Harvard-UBC study finds
Alberta's mental health system 'cracking at the seams,' says co-author of review
Public session on mental health and addiction services planned for September 25
Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter embraces new program
New day program for youth brings addiction and mental health services 'closer to home'
More mental health services for Calgary families
Nenshi pitches $25M fund to combat mental health issues, addiction and crime
Without government support, Indigenous healing lodge forced to turn some women away
Funding barriers hurt Edmonton women escaping addiction, sex trade, warn advocates
Women in Need Society turns to partnership with Mustard Seed to keep resource centres open
New stable housing for homeless in Calgary
Mobile mental health crisis teams sent to northern Alberta after teen suicides
Mental health 'recovery college' opens in downtown Calgary
CMHA asking you to #GetLoud for mental health this week
Province announces mental health funding
New Alberta online tool aims to stop domestic violence
More help needed for rural domestic violence victims in Alberta
Mental Health Task Force launched in Airdrie
Homeless to Housing Coalition helping valley residents in crisis
Investing in safe housing for women in crisis
Finding Home: Calgary's at-risk population goes beyond the 'visible homeless'
More supports for survivors of sexual violence
More early trauma intervention needed to greatly reduce chronic homelessness: study
On Calgary streets: Dignity, at the end of life
More early trauma intervention needed to greatly reduce chronic homelessness: study
Safer Spaces program helps nearly 400 survivors leave violent homes in first year
Finding strength and hope: Parenting through bipolar disorder presents unique challenges
After falling short of 10-year goal, Homeless Foundation touts successes, vows to finish mission
New children’s mental health supports
Mom urges more mental health care as fentanyl threatens family again

Mental Health/Trauma/Domestic Violence - 2016 - 2017

We’re facing an anxiety epidemic. If we don’t make big changes, it will get worse
Home for vulnerable, impoverished women officially opens on bittersweet note
Canadian youth struggling without adequate mental health support
Women Who Experience Trauma or Have PTSD Are at Higher Risk of Developing Lupus, Study Suggests
Provinces should follow Alberta's lead on addressing homelessness among LGBTQ2S youth
Mental health funding boost for Calgary students
Improving Red Deer College’s student mental health
Addressing homelessness and violence in central Alberta
Nunavut gov't explores possibility of trauma, addictions treatment centre
Trauma dogs lend helping paws to children struggling with aftermath of abuse
Women’s shelter works to help clients identify past trauma
Experiencing anxiety or depression during pregnancy? There will soon be an app for that
High River grief support group carries on despite AHS funding cut
Calgary mental health services see impact of Netflix series 13 Reasons Why
Youth depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts reduced as result of University of Alberta pilot program
New Edmonton clinic offers mental health supports for youth
Alberta devoting $25.8M to post-secondary mental health services over next 3 years
Edmonton judges to launch mental health court to ease case backlog
Braid: Calgary way behind in mental health beds, but Edmonton gets more
‘Such a stress reliever’: Home for men in need gets funds for essentials
Swann calls for added mental health services for Calgary; province says more on way
New mental health, substance use beds at Royal Alex
Province finds bed for teen with mental health issues after judge slams province
Domestic violence in Airdrie at 'epidemic levels', four times Alberta average
Swann blasts NDP on mental health review
Alberta Health says more addiction and mental health initiatives coming this spring
Mental health providers ask for city assistance as need exceeds expectation
Supporting survivors of sexual and domestic violence
Report says mental health funding would yield economic benefits
Let's Talk defuses mental health stigmas: advocates
University of Calgary's sexual violence policy being changed
Pay now or pay even more later: Coalition wants first ministers to boost mental health spending
True Awards go to those who fight mental illness
Family violence increases risk for many diseases while harming mental health, Canada's top doctor warns
#IBelieveYou - Make some noise for surivors of sexual assault
Improving mental health for pregnant women will help babies, too, new partnership says
Calgary Police Service looking to formalize mental health strategy
Edmonton moms at risk get support from innovative, inner city health program
Trudeau announces nearly $70M over 3 years for Indigenous mental health services
Women 'nearly twice as likely to have anxiety' as men
Alberta rolling out new youth mental health treatment approach
HIV-positive women with childhood trauma have double the brain trouble
Trauma and PTSD symptoms linked to increased risk of blood clots in women
Alberta health officials focusing on mental health assistance in wake of Fort McMurray wildfire
Mental health the leading cause of disability leave at Alberta Health Services
Depression, addiction common among young transgender women
Alberta women's shelters welcome new federal funding
Alberta acts on mental health recommendations - Valuing Mental Health Report of the Alberta Mental Health Review Committee 2015
Vulnerability to depression linked to noradrenaline
60 days of mental health conversations: What makes you stronger? #NowImStronger

Mental Health/Trauma/Domestic Violence - 2013 - 2015

When asking for help with mental health, #GETLOUD
A new approach to treating women's mental health issues
Trauma and experience of violence add to complexity of care for people with mental health, substance use problems
Lack of housing, violence, addictions impede Nunavik women’s success: study
Workplace depression often unrecognized, new study says
Albertans can now provide ideas to strengthen addiction and mental health services
Pregnant aboriginal women find 'world of difference' in Edmonton inner-city program
Genetics: No more addictive personality
Closing the quality chasm in mental health and substance use care
After Trauma, Women Face Heart Disease Risk
How bias in mental health care hurts women, from the lab to the medicine cabinet
Serious Mental Health Issues More Common In Women Than Men, Regardless Of Age
A solution to the mental-health system could be a matter of life and death
Borderline personality disorder as debilitating as bipolar disorder
Claudia Black Center Introduces T.O.V.A to Screen for ADHD
Suicide risk remains high after first attempt, can persist for years
Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression in Young Women
Evaluating an ADHD Drug As a Potential Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder
Trauma and ADHD may lead women to self-harm
The long reach of childhood trauma
Probiotics may hold key to improving mental health
How Canada fails people with mental illnesses
Leading Trauma Expert Highlights the Importance of Spirituality in Psychotherapy for Trauma Victims in New Book
Eating disorders may start before puberty
Why Posttraumatic Stress Could Make Women More Susceptible To Food Addiction
Stress disorder tied to food addiction in women
Mental health problems still seen as sign of failure in society, shocking survey finds
You're sad? Go for a walk: mental health misconceptions hamper treatment
Dealing with depression
People with HIV Suffer from Depression Caused by Shame, Trauma, Substance Abuse
New study points to trauma as a contributing factor in homelessness
Dissociative Identity Disorder, Explained
Meds Don't Make Women Crazy—Trauma Does
Canada has made 'no progress' on psychiatric care wait times, report finds
The Best Way to Treat Depression May Have To Do With the miR-1202 Molecule
Watchdog 'disappointed' by scope of mental health project for female inmates
CAMH and Women's College Hospital to collaborate to advance women's mental health care
Which Heals First, Trauma or Addiction?
Childhood Trauma and Adult Alcohol Abuse: Shedding Light on the Connection
Unresolved Trauma Drives Addictive Behavior, According to New Study
Why the Connection Between Addiction and PTSD?
Forum builds framework to end child sexual abuse
Addictions workshop explores the link between trauma and substance abuse
Domestic violence: The most common cause of non-fatal injuries among women in North America
Look Great and Stay Safe with ‘Date Rape’-Detecting Nail Polish

Eating Disorders - 2015 - 2016

Anorexia Isn’t Just for Teenagers: Why Eating Disorders Strike in Middle Age
The new face of eating disorders: New cases bust stereotypes
Genetic Factors May Increase Risk of Eating Disorder and Suicide
Holidays can be a tough time for people with eating disorders
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tied to higher eating disorders risk
The impact of social support on the risk of eating disorders in women exposed to intimate partner violence
The Secret Struggle: When ADHD and Eating Disorders Go Hand in Hand
The hidden disease: Why aren't more doctors treating eating disorders?
Bisexual women and those confused about their sexuality are 'more likely to suffer from eating disorders'
Study: Eating Disorders Common in Girls With Type 1 Diabetes
Scientists Claim to Find an Anorexia Gene
Eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, alters DNA, affects nervous system: Study
Eating disorder education for Calgary schools planned
FDA approves an ADHD drug as treatment for binge-eating disorder
Where Is the Help for Canadians With Eating Disorders?

Eating Disorders - 2013 - 2014

Autoimmune Diseases Linked to Eating Disorders
'Thinspiration' sites are fuelling teens' eating disorders
Eating disorders cause more Canadian girls to be hospitalized
UK scientists launch hunt for 'anorexia gene': Plea for 1,000 volunteers to help prove health victims are born with deadly condition
Women who begin dieting at a young age are more likely to suffer eating disorders and alcohol problems
How social media can fuel eating disorders
Eating disorder can be disguised as healthy eating
Impulsivity Increases Risk of Food Addiction
PTSD and Obesity: A Weighty Matter
Lifelong Impairment Caused by Eating Disorders Can Be Avoided
Children and adolescents with eating disorders clinically distinct
Pro-ANA: Triggered by Social Media?
Binge eating might influence another kind of bipolar disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Eating Disorders
People with Anorexia Nervosa have Larger Brains


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