Alberta Addiction Service Providers

We are the Alberta Addiction Service Providers (AASP). We provide a recovery oriented continuum of care for Albertans impacted by substance use. The Alberta Addiction Service Providers member agencies represent detox, addiction treatment, harm reduction, recovery coaching, and recovery housing programs and services.


Ten of our member agencies originally operated as the Calgary and Southern Alberta Coalition (CSAC), the organization was established in 2007 and operated as a leadership committee with a chair and vice-chair, following a governance model. In 2012, a strategic planning session was held in Calgary, and 32 addiction treatment providers from across the province participated. During this meeting, a strategic plan, terms of reference, and a vision statement were created. The organization's name was changed to the Alberta Addiction Service Providers to reflect province-wide membership. The Alberta Addiction Service Providers agreed to operate under a leadership committee, following a governance board model with co–chairs representing northern and southern Alberta.

A website was created to keep members connected. The website provides members with the history of the Alberta Addiction Service Providers, current information regarding education, resources, and training opportunities and media. Agencies are listed with links to each member agency's website. In addition, the website provides a link with an overview regarding current programs provided through AASP, such as Recovery Coaches Alberta, Recovery Access Alberta and the Nasal Naloxone Project which is being managed though the George Spady Society.

The Alberta Addiction Service Providers currently represents 32 not-for-profit agencies that provide a variety of addiction programs and services. In 2020, the Alberta Addiction Service Providers registered in the Province of Alberta under the Societies Act; in accordance with the Societies Act By Laws were developed and adopted and a formal board of directors was established to meet the guidelines of the Societies Act. Our administration office is located in Calgary.

What is our Vision?

Vision: “Enhance and strengthen the delivery of addiction service in the Province of Alberta.”

What are our Strategic Priorities?

Leadership - Facilitate and act as a common voice towards addressing issues impacting addiction services. This will include advocacy and engagement of government concerning legislation and policies.

Funding - Work with the Alberta Government to ensure that agencies are adequately funded to deliver program and services.

Information/Research - Collecting and disseminating sector-specific information concerning evidence based research, best practices, and industry trends. This will also include identifying and benchmarking performance criteria/success in support of advocacy.

Education /Training - Identify, develop, and implement training opportunities or materials for member agencies.

Networking - Create platforms and/or forums which will effectively engage members and fosters increased communication amongst membership.